Faith is Above All ‘Everyone’s’ Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi: “is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as “mode of operating” (Wikipedia)

The only way to determine the truth values of statements of knowledge in any field of study – from archeology to zoology – is by a reliable method of inquiry that yields reasons to inform the claims that something is, in fact, probably true” (tildeb)

If this is the case, do it for political science? Which form of gov’t is the ‘right’ one? What about economics, which form is the ‘right’ one? These are the 2 biggest areas facing any society and it is extremely hard to conclude that either can arrive at ‘fact’ versus pure ‘faith/trust in an ideology’.

So as much as you want to think I am off base and being irrational, answer either the question on political science or economics. You will find you are entering territory that has verifiable statistics based on ideological ends with really little to no concern for ‘truth’ or ‘facts’. Their bottom line concern is the societies they function within – they don’t want reasonable methods of comparison since arrival at truth or ‘fact’ will not happen.

Which is better, democratic socialism or liberalism? What about Marxism or communalism? Maybe we want a autocracy, a monarchy, or theocracy? Conservative agendas, are they the ‘most right’? Now all of this historicaly verifiable and can be researched to some meaningful degree, but research is not what scientific discovery would neccesarily be after. Refinement and the figuring out of what is the way this thing ‘works’. Well how do we test politics and by which measure or standard of overall comparison?

At some point, and yes atheists will hate to admit this is actually the truth, you use as much as faith (trust) as I do in the systems that surround you everyday – from politics to economics.

*Comment originally aired on ‘Defining Atheism #3’ on Carly Jo’s blogspot

Spirits in the Immaterial World

Matter: “It is fair to say that in physics, there is no broad consensus as to an exact definition of matter, and the term “matter” usually is used in conjunction with some modifier.” (Wikipedia – Matter)

Noam Chomsky on knowledge Rather, the material world is whatever we discover it to be, with whatever properties it must be assumed to have for the purposes of explanatory theory

Problem with matter is it’s hard to determine exactly what the hell it is (made of). This is the material world in which we find ourselves – everything is ‘matter’ and made up of many pieces. However, even matter in its finest building blocks cannot be truly identified. So what you see in front of you is ‘matter’ or ‘material’ – but what its exactly made of is another question.

Not the point. Now to the point via a diagram.

Immaterial      =>     Filter/Conduit     =>     Material


Idea     =>     Human Being     =>     Thing/Object

I was told an idea is not a living thing since it is ‘immaterial’…I will buy that to some degree. However it is ‘something’ since it is the construct to what will be made or shaped by the idea (which is immaterial).

For example, a political theory is not really anything but an ‘idea’. Is it something if I can write my theory down into a book? Does a political theory have to have some form of material expression (ie: a political party) to be considered ‘something’? Is the idea itself some thing, the building block for many ‘some things’?

There is a knock against faith in God – that its immaterial in a material world (and I am a material girl); which makes it legitimately useless and unknowable. Well faith in God is not much different than politics in its a conglomerate idea of many teachings that form a paradigm for living or viewing the world. We can also include economics in here and any social science and humanities area of study. Without material expression it functions in a realm of immeasurability (cannot be measured) and is thus useless.

Here is how the diagram works (a few examples):

No time for making supper => Restaraunt Involvement => Fast Food chains and drive throughs are created

Basketball was getting boring to watch => GM’s of league => All Star game and skills competitions

How can we save energy? => Engineers => various devices developed for energy efficiency (ie: appliance overhauls)

Teaching is to love my neighbor => person of that faith => I will help my neighbor cut his grass this week

The thing about ideas is exactly what faith teaches, if you can imagine it (idea) – it can be possible (thing/action/object). Faith is based in the idea of God, we cannot see God but we can look at His believers. What begins with an idea connected to faith in God, then becomes a tangible thing we can see or touch.

Everything starts as an idea (ie: political ideas or religious ones) and then moves into the hands of the conduit (ie: us) and is developed into something of material consequence (ie: an action, thing, or object). So what is reality exactly? The matter is not which came first – the idea or the material version of the idea – the question is – does the idea matter as much as the material version of it? Are directions as important as arrival?