Which Is More Meaningful – The Thought or the Action?

Have you ever seen the physical properties of “love” outside of human interaction?” (Johnny)

Yes, in artistic creations like music, art, film, writing. One could say the action of continuing to do something for a period of time (ie’ blog) could reveal a nature of loving that action. This is not something neccesarily shared between 2 people not is it neccesarily physical – it manifests physically – but the continuance is like a ritual we continue to be pulled towards.

Regardless of that, my contention is love is an ‘idea’ – and like most ‘ideas’ – they manifest into some reality (action or thing). But I would contend the thought/idea itself can be as real to the person as the action, or at least as deeply meaningful.

For example, in schizophrenics with a certain chemical imbalance where they hear ‘voices’ and ‘sounds’ that alarm them – they even feel ‘it’ asks them to committ certain ‘actions’. Well, here is the question – which is worse – the action or the thoughts? Without the thoughts would the action happen? Without the action would the thoughts happen?

My contention is that in some ways what is within the person, ie: thoughts and ideas, is just as real and tangible as it’s material expression.

*Comment first aired on ‘Spirits in an Immaterial World’ (below)