Anti-Intellectualism in the Church

Can Christians gather without being dictated to? Can Christians gather without a vision being thrust upon them? Can Christians gather to seriously question, explore, examine and discover intellectually?” (Naked Pastor)

I don’t mind some direction and vision – namely for younger people that may need that type of structure – since it does help one become ‘disciplined’ in their personal lives. So, some of that I have little problems with.

However as an adult now, the answer is ‘no’ to…’gather to seriously question, explore, examine and discover intellectually’. The church is just not that concerned with this aspect of faith – it’s more rote and routine and get the dance steps down so everyone is doing the same conga.

The church is really quite anti-intellectual and in order for it to work effectively it needs to be.

*Comment originally aired on ‘Can Christians Gather?’.