Inclination: What is and What Should Never Be?

Being hearing a lot more about marriage and how it’s an antiquated idea. What I have actually been hearing more and more of is that people were not meant for monogamous marriages and the data is proving this. Let me be one of the first to call ‘bullsh*t’.

Firstly, I would have to ask from whose perspective these facts are coming from – men or women? There is a difference of thought on this subject from the two sides.

Secondly, statistics and surveys are not facts…not all the time. The survey on such an idea can be based on the way people ‘feel’ about a subject area and may not refect what is factual about that area. Let me explain something called ‘inclination’.

People feel inclined to do things – they ‘feel’ the need to do that something. Just because someone is inclined to want to do something does not mean its actually the best thing to do.

For example, if we see nice light green and light blue liquid as children we think ‘yummy kool aid’! Our inclinations are moving us to drink that liquid, even if it is antifreeze.

Another example could be smoking. If the statistics read that 80% of people ‘feel’ smoking is okay for any age would we still allow it? Smoking is also tricky on another level – since it feels good for the person doing it – it does not mean smoking is good for the human body. In fact, smoking will cause helath problems at some point – its inevitable…yet its perfectly legal. Millions are smoking right now – which I think is everyone’s choice to make – but is it the best for the human body? No.

So a statistic can say how people ‘feel’ about something but not that it’s a ‘fact’ or the ‘ideal way to live’.

Brings me back to this ridiculous idea about humans not being monogamous and marriage being a thing of the ‘past’. Just because we have sexual drives that drive our inclinations to produce children does not mean that inclination is ‘right’ when we are attracted to others in the opposite sex that are not our wife/husband.

Or are people just so simple these days that what ‘feel’s right is right?

7 thoughts on “Inclination: What is and What Should Never Be?

  1. I think it’s bullsh*t too. Yes, our ideas about marriage are changing. But that does not mean it’s antiquated. The “data” usually cited for this claim is that the rate of people in their 20’s getting married has plummeted over the past 20 or so years. But it’s not because marriage is antiquated. People just want to wait longer.

    First, it takes longer now to get started in a career and make enough money for a family. It’s gotten to the point where you need a college degree to get a decent job. You used to be able to support a family with just a high school diploma, but not anymore.

    Second, premarital sex is much more acceptable. It used to be that couples had to get married if they wanted to sleep together. Now, it doesn’t really matter.

    Third, many of the younger people today saw their parents get divorced, and are emotionally scarred by the experience. They don’t want to repeat the mistakes of their parents. They want to make sure they pick the right person and they want to make sure they are emotionally mature enough to handle marriage.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if marriage rates decreased over the next few decades. But I also won’t be surprised if the divorce rate decreases either. People are beginning to make smarter choices about marriage, not shunning it.

  2. “A majority of people in the ___________ believe that__________. When I began this journey, I found myself thinking why am I going against the flow of the majority of Christians that I know and that are in my church. I have since found that the majority is not always RIGHT! I love where I stand today and I’m not really sure exactly where that is. That’s part of the thrill I find in this journey; the anticipation of what’s around the next bend, what’s in store next.

  3. Hey Jason

    I suggest you read a book called ‘Sex at Dawn’, by Christopher Ryan and Ceclida Jehta. I know you like History and reading about culture’s. Im sure this book will make your head spin a little. 😉

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