Canadians Tolerance Levels At An All Time High

PARIS – Canadians are the most tolerant people in the developed world, are terrific readers, enjoy more “positive experiences” than everyone but Icelanders, and don’t produce many babies, according to a new report released Tuesday. The conclusions were contained in the latest edition of Society at a Glance, a broad-brush analysis of social and economic indicators among the 34 member states of the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

At 84 per cent on average, Canadians report the highest community tolerance of minority groups — ethnic minorities, migrants, and gays and lesbians — in the OECD, where the average is 61 per cent,” said a summary of Canada-specific findings.

The report also found:

• Canada has a fertility rate of 1.68 children per woman, below the OECD average of 1.74 “and easily the lowest of the anglophone OECD countries;”

New Zealand’s was 2.14, Ireland’s was at 2.07, the U.S. was 2.01, and the United Kingdom had a 1.94 per cent rate;

• Canada had the sixth-highest proportion of foreign-born people in its population, at roughly one in five;

• Canadian 15-year-olds rank third in reading skills, behind only Korea and Finland;

• Canadians rank second after Icelanders in having “positive experiences — feeling well-rested, being treated with respect, smiling, doing something interesting and experiencing enjoyment,” the report said; but

• “Canadians also have above-average negative experiences – pain, worry, sadness, stress and depression.”

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One thought on “Canadians Tolerance Levels At An All Time High

  1. I would say that exact mentality is clearly reflected in this blog over the past 5 and some years. Plus I also play and write music…kind of in line with enjoying life.

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