I Like Me ‘Some’ Mormonism

I watched the South Park episode again on the beginning of Mormonism and had a few laughs…still quite funny.

I like the point of the show concerning some of the logic behind the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s writing process for the book. It does make me think one must suspend some reason for believing such a book – since we know much of the history of the America’s and how much of what is theorized does not jive. Not knocking being Mormon, just knocking the suspension of logic.

The end of the show kind of ends with the fact many of the people that are Mormon are really quite nice people and although the facts may be skewed, in the end the life they live is made worthwhile by that faith. I really have little problem with that – in fact I can identify. What I cannot identify is the less than critical examination many Mormons would give Joseph Smith and his writings…they kind of play it easy with him.

I don’t. Honesty won’t allow me.


8 thoughts on “I Like Me ‘Some’ Mormonism

  1. I agree, but to examine Joseph Smith would require an examination of why all Christianity is bunk. Joseph Smith didn’t live in a vacuum from Christianity, obviously he stole all his ideas from the most famous of frauds in the bible. He probably also stole the book of Mormon from a fellow writer.

    People of the Mormons, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists faiths are all great people becuase they are great people to begin with. Religion neither makes them better or worse, just people with a faith.

  2. “I agree, but to examine Joseph Smith would require an examination of why all Christianity is bunk” (Wolf)

    This has merit because I think much of what is Christian idea and theology may be more read in than read out of the various conglomerate we call the New Testament…depends on what one wants to focus on as ‘important’.

    However, I also think Christianity needs a serious overhaul and has many of the same problems as Mormonism – namely who is this Jesus character exactly?

  3. Peter Moses Elijah and others imparted their wisdom and authority to Joseph and to Joseph s colleagues. .At the time he was translating the Book of Joseph only had 3 years of formal education yet through Gods power was able to complete a 500-plus page manuscript in just over 60 working days. .From the moment others learned about the First Vision Joseph was mocked and persecuted. When Martin Harris explained the plates were sealed Anthon responded I cannot read a sealed book. Unknown to Anthon he was fulfilling Isaiahs prophesy. The unlearned man Joseph Smith though unlearned would be the method by whom God would confound the wisdom of the world. .The book of Mormon truly is a Marvelous Work and a Wonder even as Isaiah foresaw. .The restoration of the gospel was also predicted. .The apostle Peter taught that Jesus would not return for his 2nd Coming until after the restitution of all things which all the prophets had foreseen Acts 3 . John the apostle saw in the last days an angel would come preaching the everlasting gospel to the earth Revelation 14 6 .

  4. …Reviewed by Joshua Steimle on September 24th 2008 .Categories .Comments …………..Critics say the Book of Mormon is not the word of God that it is a fraud and false. Could you even with the help of your college education and the Internet write such a book? Before you answer have you actually read the book from cover to cover?

  5. “Could you even with the help of your college education and the Internet write such a book? Before you answer have you actually read the book from cover to cover?” (hemp)

    I have ‘skimmed’ the book from cover to cover – reading pieces here and there concerning Joseph’s time-line of events. Checking details with other historical details to peruse his ideas in more depth. My studies reveal the book is not much more than a fantastic story – possibly plagiarizing a few works – the King James Bible being one of them.

    Also the huge problem is some of the connotations he makes about people and history. He has black people being ‘cursed’ – which makes sense in the mid 1800’s – but if he’s making everything ‘right’ again – well that’s obviously ‘wrong’.

    Joseph has Indian people groups being descendants of Jewish people – this is plainly falsified in notion (I am an Indian person to be plainly clear and know my history). No archaeological, linguistics, or even dna evidence proves this. Sad, but true.

    The book reads like a copy from other books. It’s like if I want to re-write Revelations today and I use 1984 by Orwell and John’s Revelations in the NIV version…this would be literaturally place-able to a time period. In fact. Joseph Smith make one critical error, he used King James English in the book of Mormon when quoting Jesus. His second mistake was using King James ‘manuscript add ins’ – like the ending of Mark – which is widely known as an add into the bible…Smith used that piece in the Book of Mormon.

    So could I do better than him? Knowing those errors (mentioned above ) – possibly.

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