The Need For Balance

Polarization of society is never a good thing, politically, economically, spiritually, etc.

In the last 10 years I have seen a movement in each area for polarization, mainly fueled by the media, but dividing a liberal & conservative gulf that seems entrenched in society now. I find it unhealthy.

I am not sure what standing ‘so opposed’ to something does for someone – except feed the fuel that creates ‘war’. And I don’t like war. In fact, I don’t like violence. Polarization puts you so far on one side you cannot hear what the other side is saying, which is like pretending to not be able to ‘hear’. For those with ears, use them.

There is something to be said for having a balance in life. Not being too much too one side or too much to the other.


2 thoughts on “The Need For Balance

  1. Much of Aristotle’s philosophy is based on finding the mean in different areas of life, and I think he was right. Extremes are usually bad for you or society. While my political beliefs would be considered liberal, both liberalism and conservatism start to look alike when taken to far. Just look at Nazi Germany (far far right) and the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War (far far left). It’s funny how the two extreme ends of the political spectrum can end up producing such similar societies.

    Anytime you start to put too much emphasis on holding certain beliefs (politically, religiously, philosophically, etc.), you create an us versus them mentality. You become convinced that you are right and all those who disagree with you are wrong. This can often lead to unnecessary conflict. In it’s more extreme forms, it can lead to dehumanizing the “other”, opening the door to violence, war, and even genocide.

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