Are Men & Women Really That Different?

Yes. Well I contend this is the case anyways.

I was just looking over a bunch of stats concerning men and women and the stats seem to lead to a generalization that cannot help but be reached by an obvious conclusion – men and women do think differently – as in the way they perceive the world and the focus they put on aspects of their environment.

From the show ‘Most Evil’ (weekly show about sadistic killers) – 97% of sexually sadistic murders happen at the hand of men. Another stat that is pretty close is 72% of porn viewed online is done by men. Men are 10x more likely to commit murder and 9 times as likely to go to jail once in their life.

Women are 3x to 4x as likely to file for divorce; in custody battles women are 82% the primary caregivers.

Now I can find more stats to make a case for the vast differences in ‘thought’ between men and women but isn’t it really really really really really obvious to anyone that bothers to observe?

The thing is, who you are is 100% your physical and emotional make-up – which will in turn change your mind to who you are and your experiences. Fact is, many women have similar experiences and the same goes for men…there is no real other way to explain stats that are skewed 75% to one gender over another. Women tend to think alike and men tend to think alike.

Challenge to prove me wrong: Attend a sports event at your local lounge- like the stanley cup – and do it twice. In the first time around attend with just men. The second time around attend with just women. Same exact event at the same exact place and you can even order the same exact things for both occasions. Are there quantifiable differences?