Church Seems Like a Waste of Time

I used the word ‘seems’ because to me it does. I get there is some pretty cool things about church like mentorship, community, value added goals for society, teachings on morality, etc. I like these things but I outgrew a lot of it.

Church is static, unmoving, and they act like this is doing you a favor. It’s not. Leadership is also not very accountable, it calling all the shots and leaves many within the congregation powerless; they are servants to it. The teachings can only go so far, eventually the church starts into ‘repetition’ thus disengaging growth.

For me, most of that is a waste of time – as an adult. I guess if the church were community minded and really adding a lot to the society around it I might re-consider, however, even then I don’t want to be under the leadership of whichever group of people trying to determine my best interests. I have found that doesn’t work very well when others try to determine your life decisions for you.It has a cultish feel at times as well – everyone seems like ‘yes’ men to me.

Church isn’t really there to challenge you (after a while I mean). At some point it will be outgrown because the church does not change, but you do.