Church Seems Like a Waste of Time

I used the word ‘seems’ because to me it does. I get there is some pretty cool things about church like mentorship, community, value added goals for society, teachings on morality, etc. I like these things but I outgrew a lot of it.

Church is static, unmoving, and they act like this is doing you a favor. It’s not. Leadership is also not very accountable, it calling all the shots and leaves many within the congregation powerless; they are servants to it. The teachings can only go so far, eventually the church starts into ‘repetition’ thus disengaging growth.

For me, most of that is a waste of time – as an adult. I guess if the church were community minded and really adding a lot to the society around it I might re-consider, however, even then I don’t want to be under the leadership of whichever group of people trying to determine my best interests. I have found that doesn’t work very well when others try to determine your life decisions for you.It has a cultish feel at times as well – everyone seems like ‘yes’ men to me.

Church isn’t really there to challenge you (after a while I mean). At some point it will be outgrown because the church does not change, but you do.


12 thoughts on “Church Seems Like a Waste of Time

  1. Yeah, Sunday church — got to have a good reason. Lots of folks go back after they have kids:
    (1) something to do with kids
    (2) good way to meet folks of similar values
    (3) hope it gives kids values.

    Either way, none of this is about any god. IMHO
    We all fool ourselves for higher reasons — ourselves.

  2. “Either way, none of this is about any god. IMHO
    We all fool ourselves for higher reasons — ourselves” (Sabio)

    There’s a lot of truth to that, the almighty ‘me’ in the ‘meaning of life’.

  3. how many churches have you visited to prove this? the United Church of Canada seems like they have a lot of cool and challenging things going down. have you checked out that one church whose mission statement you covered a while back?

    to write “seems” without ever attending a church in the past 5 years doesn’t seem to cut it. what’s the whole story here?

    and i won’t deny that an aspect of church is about ‘ourselves’ as Sabio points out. but that’s the higher reason.

  4. Yes. We (the modern “American” church) have TOTALLY turned it into something it shouldn’t be. Granted, I’m painting with a very large paintbrush. Which is a bit unfair (as zero1ghost points out…).
    But modern Christian churches, for example, can end up being massive Sunday “Schools” of life-principles from which one never actually graduates OR they’re just another community center focusing on “religious-themed family activities.”
    Neither of which should be the point.

  5. “how many churches have you visited to prove this?” (Z1G)

    30 – 40 in the past 18 years (and thats a conservative estimate on my church attendance). However, none in the past few years.

    “have you checked out that one church whose mission statement you covered a while back?” (Z1G)


    “to write “seems” without ever attending a church in the past 5 years doesn’t seem to cut it. what’s the whole story here?” (Z1G)

    I put ‘seems’ because I might be wrong. That’s how it ‘seems’ to me. Again, this is based on my limited exposure to a variety of Christian denominations, from the most lively to the most dead ones…and they all seem to want to have some ‘say’ in my life.

  6. “Neither of which should be the point.” (Bryan)

    I agree, which is where some of my disdain for church comes from. I really think church, as an institution has hope, glimmers and sparks that leave me thinking something bigger and better can come of this. Right now it all seems like ‘game’ to me…the game of ‘heaven’ (instead of life).

  7. “have you checked out that one church whose mission statement you covered a while back?” (Z1G)

    that is telling. so is your comment about having a say in your life…. if by ‘say’ you mean ‘control’ then don’t go to that church. a church is like a relationship, too controlling is a horrible thing and only leads to woundedness. too apathetic then it’s worthless. what exactly do you mean?

    do they all want to have some ‘say’ in your life? yeah. that is the nature of community. if you feel no need to have a say in the community then don’t go to church. but if you do, that’s another story and another post that will negate this one.

    i have known you for about 5 years, maybe longer, albeit in the online setting. not once have i seen you post about attending a church, only flirting with the idea and then throwing up your hands and saying “well, they’ll just be lame/conservative/controlling/awful anyway” without ever checking these assumptions. i tire of reading this pattern and would like to see you change it up into a new narrative. either find a community you can plug into, or note that organized religion is not the way to go.

    to do what you have been with posts like this ‘seems’ to me an exercise in futility; a sound and a fury signifying nothing.

  8. The term “church” as we’re using it now is something new we’ve created. ‘Church’ (in the New Testament) NEVER refers to a group of people that are “members” and own a building/campus. So now, based on our own creations and additions to this definition, we argue/discuss/compare/contrast one “church” against another. The point was never supposed to be our staff, facilities, resources, location or even specific doctrines. Like you pointed out, the institution has hope (in glimmer and sparks). You also stated that there is something bigger and better. Here’s my point… The INSTITUTION should be an byproduct of our own spiritual growth and desire to know and serve God and live out the fact that we are very much created spiritual beings. What has happened instead is (again in very unfair general terms!) “church” is now the MEANS by which we learn to “know God and be a good person.” Which is backwards (and very limiting). Those glimmers and sparks? It might not be the institution. It might actually be us getting out of our own way just long enough to let some light in… and for the REAL church be seen!

  9. church is a waste of time considering everything mentioned in the article and most importantly Where is god in all of this. I was in a church for 20 yrs and we had testimonials every service, I have seen very few praise reports of any significance. people who believe in god and / or his son that don’t spend a lot of their precious time in church or become a member of a church have better lives. They are not only surviving, but thriving. I have always used 80/20 rule in most aspects of my life. since I became an adult. (unfortunately I was raised in church during my youth). Church Is the most non reciprocal place you could ever find your self in. You give so much of yourself (time and energy). The pastor still tells you things are not going well for you because you don’t have enough faith, you need to repent, maybe god want you to suffer. In many cases it takes away from your own identity and all you do is what the church deems important. Most Christians are not thriving in life. That is what people fail to see.

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