Time For The Change

Over the past 4 days I have been doing some serious re-evaluation of my life. I came to realize a few things:

  • I have failed in many ways concerning my life
  • I don’t like myself & the way I act
  • I have been lying to myself for many years
  • I hid my emotions away so as to not to be that ‘open’ to the world

In essence, I realized a lot of things about me I didn’t think we’re ‘really me’. I got good at hiding.

About 4 days back I reached a breaking point, I broke down…mentally, physically, and emotionally. I could not continue to live the way I was – I was becoming unhappy and miserable. I wasn’t being realistic or honest anymore.

Then I realized it has to do with a few simple things:

  • My fears drove me – my desires did not
  • You can’t love someone unless you can love yourself
  • I was not allowing myself the right to the happiest parts of my life (ie: I was undeserving of things)
  • I doubted my own abilities to the point of self-destruction
  • I was emotionally shut-down; built walls to stop people from entering

At a recent seminar someone laid out something so simple it made sense for ‘change’…I will share the basics.

The brain is 70% of the time negative. This means that whatever you think about, including your own image, will be something filled with doubts (ie: self esteem issues). However, you have  sub-conscious that does not think about negative or positive – it is not swayed by those things. In order to change, your thoughts have to permeate your sub-conscious in a very concrete and envisioned way (ie: has to be something you can see or imagine).

Change starts because you feed your sub-conscious concrete ideas that can be envisioned – and that part of the brain does not doubt the possibility. So if you set a goal for something you want, make that goal something you can actually envision doing or something that is numeric. Your brain will still doubt your abilities, however your subconscious will remind you it is possible and not let you off the hook.

Once the goal is set, then you need to tackle your fears and take them on. What is stopping you from reaching your goal? Do your fears outweigh your desire? You need to allow yourself to be who you are, the right to be those things you wish and dream about.

Soon, all of you is in sync and moving towards your goal. I would simply say ‘can you think like a child?’



8 thoughts on “Time For The Change

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  2. This is a good thing. Sounds like positive progress to me. At my age, I find that being something I really not has a way of retarding my growth goals. In the past 6-7 years, I feel I have become a “new” person. I’ve gone from a fundamental conservative to now stand in a position where old friends would fain call me “Christian”. But that’s OK. I not sure what a “Christian” is in today’s world. I not even sure I was one…when I was one!

  3. I’m convinced that it is the hard times that make or break us. We will fail and the valleys in life will come. But I’m convinced that what we do in those moments set our life on a positive course or a negative course.

    Keep strong Brother, you’re on the right path.

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