Audacity of Assumption

The blog world is nothing like the real world, we don’t have handshakes and stare-downs for example.  So it becomes laughable when ‘assumption’ happens about someone because they label themselves as something – ie: a Christian for example.

Now I am guilty of ‘assuming’ as well, but I full well realize someone that says they are ‘atheist’ or ‘construction worker’ is not going to mean they all have the same traits, beliefs, or even ideas. However, this does happen a lot when I meet some new atheist who has thoughts about what I am and what I should believe based on their own ‘notions’ of what a Christian is.

For example, I don’t think the bible teaches against the rights of gay people. I just cannot find where that idea over-rides the idea to ‘treat others how you want to be treated‘…sorry – in the level of importance – that idea does not even really weigh in on the way I treat the people around me. Thus, when I say the bible contains some of that teaching against homosexuality – it seems to do that – however it does not mean I adhere to that. Call it picking and choosing, whatever, last time I checked the bible pretty much starts with Adam having that right (ie: choice/decision).

‘Oh my gawd, he’s so unbiblical’, they bemoan concerning my literalism of the texts. I say ‘so what’? I wasn’t even born a literalist concerning life and interpreting it so why start doing that with scripture exactly? I don’t know what people think, but I can guess by the look on their face and the mood they portray…but that ain’t literalism either – that’s assumptive in nature. Unless they actually ‘tell me’ the way they feel then I am kind of stuck. I see the texts that way as well. They aren’t just literal, they aren’t telling you something directly…some of it is parable, some of it colored in narrative, and some of it meant to be interpreted and re-interpreted.

The audacity of someone to think I need to believe this or that to be considered a Christian…the joke is on you really…I assumed you knew me.