Theme: There is No Way Out Of Here

There’s no way out of here/When you come in/You’re in for good
There was no promise made/The part you played/The chance you took” (There is No Way Out of Here – David Gilmour)

This theme appears a lot in modern music, Morrison from the Doors probably captured it most famously with ‘no one gets out of here alive‘. The idea is about being born into this world, into ‘life’ – and the daily living of it.

It always intrigues me – the idea ‘there is no way out of here‘. It’s almost like a challenge spurring the listener (or reader) to use what they have while they have it. You really only get one kick at the can and to waste it by not doing what you love to do and want to become seems…like life is partially wasted/unused.

I been feeling this way lately. What will the evaluation of one’s life produce when it is all said and done? Did you really get to enjoy the life you were given? If not, what stopped you? You know, the deep philosophical questions that spur us onto greatness.


13 thoughts on “Theme: There is No Way Out Of Here

  1. There’s no way out (except in a box).

    As you get older (at least with me) it gets worse. You start to look at all the areas you have failed or things you wanted to do but didn’t. And then your body starts to slowly break down.

    It’s no picnic.

  2. Thanks for sharing Steve, I imagine that will be the same thing I shall also pass through as I age. Heck, if I am feeling this at 36, I imagine I will look back and think I missed a few things in my time here.

  3. In my novel, “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”, the protagonist is treated to a trip to Brazil by his parents. While the plane is taking off, a stranger turns to him and tells him the plane is doomed to crash. That’s a metaphor for life. As Morrison said, “No one here gets out alive”..unless there is something behind this life that inspired it. This has been the most mortal year of my life; more loved ones have passed away than in the past ten years combined and there are more deaths waiting to happen. If I had no faith, I’d run away to somewhere Saskatchewan. 😉

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