The Breaks.

So I have been taking a little rest from blogging, my fault totally. I am in the midst of quite a few changes in life right now.

Divorce – and all that comes along with that. Was an amicable decision.

New relationship, quite consuming.

Band and now another class for school.

I know I know, ‘God hates divorce’…hey, so do I but them’s the breaks.


7 thoughts on “The Breaks.

  1. Yeah, I know what your religion says about divorce but whatever. Just add it the list of all the things people have claimed God ‘hates’ down through the ages. Divorce happens, life goes on. Anyway, at the time those words were written, if a guy decided he didn’t love his wife anymore but didn’t want to divorce her, too expensive, she could remarry, he could just take another wife and the first one could just hang around forever as the ‘unloved’ wife. Yes, and that is just so much more spiritual….

    Hope all goes well as you move on in life. I took a break from blogging but started back up again last month. What can I say….

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