Abortion and Gay Rights – The Want of Control for Christianity

I had a discussion with a few Christian friends this week, via facebook, and I am kinda puzzled. The convo’s were these 2 areas:

(1) Abortion – Pro-life and Pro-choice movements

(2) Gay rights/marriage

I think we can all safely assume what side the Christians (more Evangelical in nature) landed on with these 2 issues. What puzzles me is how little the sides of issues were considered on each issue by the Christian friends. It was like they were living in a bubble where nothing gets in except that which lines up with their perceived agenda. Maybe this is so?

My issues start on each issue with their responses and what they support about both issues.


  • They backed the rights of the rapist in a rape victim case in forcing a woman to keep the child – carry it for 9 months – and endure even more pain (from an already horrible situation)
  • They support the idea of ‘free will’ however in the case of rape and incest, free will was usurped for the rights of the child; In that the woman, who was given no choice in those scenario’s was further robbed of her rights in not being able to choose to not keep that unwanted and unplanned child
  • There are no scriptures on this issue, yet they back the issue like it was in the 10 commandments and of vital importance and mentioned everywhere. How come, they are willing to be progressive in interpretation and extrapolation of scripture on this issue but on other issue’s they stay so literal to the text as to not betray said texts?

Gay Rights

  • Extrapolation and interpretation on this issue is not progressive and they follow some ideas line by line and word by word…how come exactly? They are willing to make movements on abortion, which is never covered biblically, towards being progressive on interpretation but with gay rights they cannot.
  • They do not support any gay rights because they view it as a ‘sinful lifestyle’. How can this be sin when the right the choose, which is what makes a sin a sin by definition, is not evident? For example, I didn’t choose to be straight, I just am.
  • Gay marriage ruins marriage, according to these friends. How exactly? Marriage, as far as I can tell, is a bloody mess as is with a 51% divorce rate and now multiple marriages seems to be the trend. Marriage is muddy as is.

I guess I don’t understand this type of thinking, even when presented with ideas that kind of demand empathy and a honest answer they respond with canned words from a playbook. Is this really anything anyone would want to follow?