Spiritual Dualism is Weak

Paul says that the earthly is dead. Kind of intense.” ((Carly)

Paul always uses this dualism which makes no sense whatsoever. He tries to separate the physical from the spiritual, which I can tell (from 37 years experience as a human being) is not the case. I am finding that our bodies are quite interconnected – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and one area effects the next one.

The problem with this duality, which was good for his Greek mind at the time, is the compartmentalization (another problem with current spirituality). So people would consider the things of the spiritual realm (whatever they perceive those as) and almost forgo anything physical related – like health, the environment, or feeding their mind.

Thus we see a new issue – separation of body and mind from spirit. This is the reason we see people who behave one way on Sunday and another all week long.

Truth be told, you cannot disconnect your spirit from your mind (will), emotions (feelings), or physicality (body)…a small problem in one (like a sore tooth), effects the way you feel (emotion), and your reactions to the world around you (physical). Paul’s duality is weak.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Dualism is Weak

  1. I don’t think it is as much of separating the two, but rather of bringing the physical under the authority of the spiritual. The physical desires, that is. Matters of a physical nature, such as health or the environment was not really being addressed when Paul talks about the physical.

  2. “Matters of a physical nature, such as health or the environment was not really being addressed when Paul talks about the physical.” (Xander)

    I agree, because he was likely more simplistic in his version of physical and spiritual – and for him it’s not about subjugation of one for the other (he saw separate entities at work and warring). Which would have been common in that roman/greek society concerning their known philosophies for the time. But subjugation makes sense as well…however he is using pretty harsh terms for subjugation – like ‘death’.

    I like the idea of subjugation, however, it also goes against the idea that you are an interconnected being and your physical nature does not need be subjugated…since spiritual and physical effect one another equally. Dying to your physical being is actually counter-productive for your spiritual well-being (and vice versa).

  3. I just wanted to post something for you here where there is not much traffic.
    Winter is a time for distilling. People who make perfume distill a rose or lavander down to a very concentrated essence. People who distill grain make something more contraversial.
    I have been doing some distilling of my own. I have distilled 5 world religions outlooks down to a concentrated essence. Sure lots of good stuff is lost in this distillation process but it gives the advantage of being able to travel light.
    Can you use these essences to create something useful?
    1.) Christianity, do on to others as you would have them do on to you.
    2,) Islam, improve yourself, improve your community improve mankind.
    3.) Buddhism, treat the causes of problems not just the symptoms.
    4.) Secularism. it is much much more important not to be poor than it is to be rich.
    5.) Native American World Outlook, live sustainably, relationships with people are much more valuable than a stockpile of gold, or weapons, or dvds.
    Good Luck

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