Religious Texts Presuppose There is a System of Faith

“but if there was a system in place where man through his actions alone could become holy and righteous then man would not need God…” (Xander)

Speaking of ‘systems in place for man’s actions’ – what are Judaism and Christianity’s roles then? They offer advice on how to live in a holy and ordained way so as to access and be closer to God – no? Are they not dependent on your actions – concerning your closeness to God and the such?

Also, Judaism, the fore-runner to Christianity, was designed by God for humans to follow to get closer to God (not by man per se – as is also the Christian claim about their scriptures). God designed it, not humans so your point about ‘man trying to do it on his own’ is faulty – because you pre-suppose man created the system (ie: religion) whereby he gets nearer to God – this is not the case in either Judaism or Christianity.

Problem: Pre-supposition that humans following their religious texts are being too legal about their beliefs and not following God. However, if the texts were ‘God-breathed’ isn’t it sensible for those followers to adhere to the texts quite closely?