2015 – Starting the Blog Again

I always loved blogging, namely on religious topics.

Lately I am reading a tonne of stuff on early Christian history and Judaism – much of how it impacted (and was ususrped) Christianity.

I think I’ll start writing blogs on the key stuff I read – from the books I am reading.

Plans are to write a book on the formation of Christianity and how it moved away from Judaism – so far that it is practically impossible to tell Judaism was where this branch broke off from.

I’ll examine that over 2015.


10 thoughts on “2015 – Starting the Blog Again

  1. Glad to see you back blogging. I’m pretty much on and off myself anymore. I wanted to recommend an old book, if you can find it anywhere. Finkelsteins “The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith”. It was written in the 40’s I think, but is one of the most interesting books I have ever read on the Pharisees.

    • Thanks I will purchase it since you haven’t recommended one thing that wasn’t helpful so far

      As you can see I’m on the same topic but this time with way more research

    • Wow he has quite a few good ones

      The Pharisees is a 2 part series – just over 100.00

      Also has a Jewish encyclopedia

      And an ancient Jewish history that looks interesting

  2. Sorry, I dropped off the blogging world again for awhile. As far as the book recommendation goes, fortunately I was able to pick up the 2 volumes from synagogue. Someone donated them and no one else seemed to be interested in them so I got them for free. Just the right price! Another book that has a good amount of Jewish history tied in is “Jewish Worship” by Abraham Millgram but I see it is also expensive on Amazon. I picked this one up used for a few bucks. My copy is pretty beat but who cares for the price? I’ve read it quite a few times now. I think this book does a good job explaining how Judaism developed and survived in spite of conversion efforts; the answers we came up with to life’s questions along the way.

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