Where is SocietyVs?

I have been away from the blogosphere for sometime – but a lot has changed and I figured I’d report life’s changes.

(a) I really don’t blog much anymore – maybe life got fun again – or maybe religion became less of an issue for me – or maybe just no time.

(b) I got divorced (started Jun 2011 – ended Oct 2011)…feels good to move on

(c) I met a gurl, I call her Deeds, and we are happy as can be.

(d) We bought a house together in March (8 months together)

(e) I moved to another job at the University – and I like this one

(f) Finishing up my 3rd Grad class…its a good one on sustainability

That’s life these days…I really like blogging

3 thoughts on “Where is SocietyVs?

  1. Hey buddy, good for you. It seems life has changed somewhat for you, lol, but isnt that always the case. Give me a shout on my email address, Denise and I still want to come out and visit you. šŸ™‚


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