Old to Me – New to You

Just finished MC’ing 2 weddings in 2 weeks – and they were both great successes – and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the role I was allowed to play as part of the wedding (my first time doing this – and I did it 2 times in back to back weekends).

The second wedding revealed a lot to me – it was my brother (little island blog) getting married and I was asked to co-MC with someone from his wife’s side of the family. I had a chance to really take in all the gifts my family has to share. I watched as my brothers played various creative roles in the wedding weeked – I was quite in awe about how creative my family really is and how nice they are do such things. They must of made my brother’s wedding very meaningful.

I realized why I love my family and how wonderful they truly are. I think I forget how much they have grown over the years and how talented they truly are. At the dance – we danced and had fun. I spoke at the wedding and created a Power point (mini film sort of) about the couple. My younger brother played guitar for the couple to walk in to. My older brother actually did the marriage ceremony. The one who got married sang and played guitar on his wedding night as we all sang along and had fun. I was quite in awe at how we have all grown and have lots to offer. I felt proud of them.

I also wondered – did my family know any this about me? I can dance fairly well. I public speak with the best of them. I am very humorous and inviting. I can work with technological things and compose a nice piece of art-work (like a Power Point). I like to sing – you play guitar and I just might join in. I wonder if this was the picture they had of me – or was it new to them? Who knows – but I do know I seen new sides to them and was very proud of them!