You May Not Always Get What U Need…

but ‘you always get what you are looking for’.

That sentence contains something that is absolutely true – and it’s completely based on perspective.

I thought about this today – after hearing a variety of problems and circumstances some of my friends find themselves in. Then I thought about my life and the value we put into what we see/believe (or how we think).

It’s true in the sense that we only seek out of something what we want from it (in this practical sense everyone is using faith in some regards).

For example, 2 different people can earn 2 of the exact same degree’s in university/college (may even take the exact same classes in those 2 or 4 years). However, what does each person see in that degree? What can that degree do for them? How do they envision the outcomes of how they apply this skill? In the end, people will only do that which they see is possible for them with what they have.

So, you always get what YOU want. Key terms being ‘You’ and ‘Looking For’. We are all at the whims of what we dream is possible.


2 thoughts on “You May Not Always Get What U Need…

  1. I can’t realy argue with that. It much to vage to get a handle on. But the trick is when we are what others need and want. That’s when your true colors are shown and we get to understand more about ourselves then from our own dreams.

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