Pro Choice

This week I watched a 3 part documentray called ‘Choice: Then and Now’ by Dorothy Fadiman. The documentary was about the history of abortion in America with it’s current progression up to 2009 (with live stories and interviews from people along the way).

I am kind of amazed at the religious hatred for this issue. Since 1977 there have been a documented 150,000+ incidents involving abortion doctors and clinics…with the latest being in 2009 with a doctor being shot while at a church service (ie Lutheran). It is becoming crystal clear that if you are supporting anti abortion issues you may as well be helping the more than 100,000’s of people that are committing acts of violence in the name of their faith (God).

I will not be part and parcel to hate speech, murder, arson, terrorism, or other acts of violence that all betray the most basic teaching of my faith ‘treat others how you want to be treated ‘ or ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’. I love myself not enough to support this garbage and I do care about my neighbor, which includes women who have to make the choice to abort – which for many – is not neccesarily how they want it to be themselves.

Women need to be allowed to have a voice in this society and safe abortion processes need to be on that docket of choices. I am personally opposed to abortion in my personal life, but not enough to think my right outweighs a womans right. So, I support the right for women to have the choice to have a safe abortion if this is needed in their personal life. I could not live with my conscience if I backed an endeavour that would result in women finding another way to abort – risking their lives and serious bodily harm.

2 thoughts on “Pro Choice

  1. Pro life? Funny framing of the issue, that. That raises the question: whose life? Or, to put it another way, I have yet to come across anyone who is anti-life.

    But there sure are a lot of passionate people who are dead set against anyone having the ability to choose to undergo the procedure. In my mind that makes abortion a controversy not about pro and anti life but one about whether or not it is a medical issue.

    Those who think it does not fall under the privacy and access parameters of any other medical ‘choice’ available to both physicians and their patients need to explain why they think their concerns outweigh patient/physician confidentiality and medical access to treatment.

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