Window Shopping Are We?

Comment made on Doug’s ‘Glimmer’ Post

I hear a lot about the book (book being ‘Crazy for God’ – Frank Schaeffer)- and I can also relate to making faith ‘one’s own journey’…which is really at the heart of what ‘faith’ means. We cannot borrow someone else’s faith and think we have found ours – that includes sculpted religion and dogma’s…because how do we know they are legit?

I am all about trying and testing something and seeing what it means and looks like. If someone is spouting off about ideas concerning judgment and its uses – I just need to know what that looks like in the 21st century (my personal elaboration). I cannot take someone just at their word – because that’s not the point of the scriptures at all (to be fancy words). Scripture is ideas we can use and elaborate on – to help define pieces of our lives that need more direction or some filling in the blanks…from ideas like integrity to forgiveness to anger. It’s like counselling in a way if you ask me.

Plus religion now a days seems so awkward to me when I see the 21st century church in all it’s actuality as compared to the simplicity of those teachings – it’s a virtual add on library from church to church. I am like ‘who needs all this stuff added on to an already good idea’…and I am going to keep it simple – love your neighbor as yourself is the paradigm to live by – the rest is window dressing…and I ain’t no window shopper.

3 thoughts on “Window Shopping Are We?

  1. love your neighbor as yourself… and understand to do all things in love. even offering three hundred bowls of food three times a day does not match the spiritual merit gained in one moment of love.

  2. Christ himself says that the ENTIRE law falls under two things: love God, love your neighbor. When we get all confused and concerned about the details, this is what we need to go back to. It is square one.

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